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Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary (Prep –  Grade 2)

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Pilgrim's Progress

It's an exciting journey into the heart of Pilgrim's Progress. John Bunyan's timeless classic book. Christian deals with obstables in his own life, and that Christ saves leads and protects him. The Dramatic Reading is designed to help young pilgrims not only understand and enjoy Bunyan's allegorical tale but benefit from the spiritual lessons and biblical truths discovered along the way.

Setiap anak akan mendapat Pilgrim's Progress Student Map. Bahan ini akan digunakan 13 kali sampai mid Agustus





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August 2015′s Updates:

This Sunday for lower elementary, we will learn about The Widow's Gift. This story can be found in Mark 12 as well as Luke 21. 

The big picture question that we have to understand is - how can we give joyfully to God? The answer is that everything we have is a gift from God.

The context is Jesus Christ and His disciples were in a temple, and many rich people threw large amounts of offering, and Jesus saw one woman, who was a widow, gave two copper coins. Jesus Christ then called His disciples, and told them how the woman, who was poor, and without a husband, gave everything she had. Jesus saw it was far more beautiful and precious than the rich people who gave much money, and in comparison to what they had, was little.

Firstly, the children would think, the woman gave two small coins. Rich people gave a lot more. The woman gave everything she had, and it is remarkable. Yet, how does this relate to the children's lives? Currently they are able to give more than the woman, and they know that they have to give offering every Sunday. However, is it merely a duty that their parents asked them to do every Sunday?

Hence, it is important to explain to the children how the heart is the most important thing that matters to God. Whether they have the heart to give, knowing that truly, everything that we have is from God, and all we can do is give thanks to Him. The reason why offering is important is because since God firstly gives us so many things in our lives, we have to give as well. The Church will use the offering to expand God's Kingdom, thus we should rejoice in giving because we want to contribute in God's work in Church. 

However, giving offering is not the only way we can contribute to the Church. Being involved in the ministry that God wants us to do, such as to sing in choir, or to play in ensemble. We should serve God with all of our heart, soul and mind. It is difficult, but it is something we should endeavour to do. 

This also means that we have to glorify God in our daily lives too. Obeying our parents, pray for others in need and many more that we can do. 

Hopefully, God bless this class and the children would remember this story to show others how they are grateful for God's blessings and to shine for Him in their lives to reflect His glory. Amen.

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