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Our toddler class runs for 45 minutes, from 10 to 10.45am. It caters for children age 0 to 3 years old and their parents. The aim for toddler class is to introduce younger children about God, His only Son, Jesus Christ and the church community. During Sunday school class, children and their parents explore different lesson themes according to the curriculum. Currently, our toddler class uses curriculum from Baby beginnings for 18-36 months (published by Gospel Light).


Setiap tema untuk diajarkan selama 1 bulan.

Persiapan setiap minggu keempat jam 1-2pm.

Kelas dilengkapi dengan karpet busa dan mainan yang  aman dan bersih bagi anak-anak.
Bahan pelajaran dilengkapi dengan Nursery poster, Bible story picture cards and Music CD for babies and toddlers.




July 2016 Updates:

In the last three months, the toddlers have learnt a lot of things. In April 2016, they learnt about how God made growing things (Genesis 1:11-31). They heard words and songs about the world God made, felt awe at God’s creation and participated in play activities to touch and see things made by God. We continue to have 6 different types of activities including active play, art and sensory play, God’s wonders, music, pretend play, and quiet play. Some of the activities this month were growing seeds, puppy play, seeds shakers, spider web made from hula-hoops, animal and their babies etc.

In May 2016, they learnt about how people at church helped them (John 13:2-5).  They learnt that Jesus helped his friends and that people at church also helped and cared for them. Some of the activities were intentionally made harder for them so that they would need help from the teachers and assistants. The activities included obstacle course with tunnel and pillows, crossing the river with stepping stones, lacing, following the footprints, play-acting doctor and patients etc. Toddler -0716-3
Toddler -0716-1

In June 2016, they learnt about how God cared for them too (Matthew 6:28-32). This month we introduced sign language for our memory verses to help the toddlers remember the verse and express it with gesture since most of them cannot speak well yet. The memory verse this month was ‘God cares about you’ (1 Peter 5:7). Activities this month included watering flowers, making drum music from tin, playhouse made from a big box, gardening pretend play etc.

Every activity was tailored to support the theme of the month. Teachers and assistants would repeat the words that needed to be emphasized that month during the activities. The repetition is important because it will help the children to remember better.