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Kelas Parenting

Setiap Minggu terakhir setiap bulan, 12:45 - 2:00 pm
di gedung gereja 552 City Road, South Melbourne.

Sometimes parents wish there was a guaranteed formula for raising good kids - a certain list of rules to follow to ensure they'd have obedient children. But if moms and dads view their role through the lens of God's Grace, they will see that the gospel must first shape how their parents before they can effectively shape their children.

In this highly practical book, Paul David Tripp unfolds a more biblical perspective on parenting than merely adhering to a list of rules. He lays out fourteen gospel-centered principles that will radically change the way parents think about what it means to raise up a child, informing everything they do as a parent.

Disediakan 2 kelas untuk Toddler dan Kinder selama orangtua ikut Kelas Parenting.